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Terms and conditions

  1. The terms and conditions below apply to every offer, order, delivery and activities. Exceptions will only be valid if agreed in writing.
  2. Our invoices have to be paid within thirty days after the date of invoice, in cash in our store, warehouses or by deposit on our bank account. Possible collection costs will be charged to the purchaser.
  3. The delivery term is not binding and only estimated, a delayed delivery can not cause breach of contract, nor any right of indemnification.
  4. The sold goods, which are considered to be picked up and approved in our store or warehouses, are at the purchasers risk.
  5. Complaints have to be transferred by registered letter within eight days after delivery.
  6. In case of order cancellation, the purchaser has to pay the costs for preparation and compensate possible loss of profit.
  7. When using the right of withdrawal, the product and all the related delivered accessories will be returned in their original condition and original packaging. This within 14 days after delivery. The costs for return are for the client. There is no cashback on returned products. You can only receive a voucher.
  8. Order confirmation: remarks have to be reported within 7 days. Afterwards the confirmation will be considered approved by the purchaser. Derogations and promises will only be valid if agreed in writing.
  9. The client is responsible for the accuracy of their VAT, which mentioned on by the suppliers invoices and other documents in circulation, and if necessary, to inform us from every mistake or lack of conformity.
  10. Non-payment within the agreed period, gives us the right to reclaim immediate full payment from all amount dues, the right of indemnification and gives us the privilege to the delivered goods. Regardless of this privilege, the goods will remain property of BVBA GRANDA MOTORCARS, though at purchasers risk until the date of full payment. Therefore, BVBA GRANDA MOTORCARS has the right to reclaim his goods at any moment until the date of payment and this on the costs of the purchaser.
  11. All invoices, which are not paid on the due date, will automatically and without notice of default, bring in an intrest of 10% per year. The fact of non-payment on the due date results an increase of the amount due by 10% without notice of default, with a minimum of 37,18 euros as an indemnification for the late implementation of the required payment.
  12. Only the courts of the district of Hasselt are authorized for contestations.
  13. Any derogation of current terms and conditions are only valid if agreed in writing.
  14. BVBA GRANDA MOTORCARS and the client acknowledge that the processing of personal data in the context of the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (DPD) and from 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (GDPR) applies and will replace the DPD.
  15. Our terms and conditions are only legally valid in our Dutch version.

Privacy and cookie policy

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Website disclaimer

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