We are very grateful to all our sponsors / partners. Mustang Fever cannot go on without them! Today we put Litec in the spotlight.

Litec is your light in the darkness. Good lighting in the office increases productivity. Beautiful lamps with atmospheric light are also important at home. The company therefore offers a wide range of LED lighting. Do you want to illuminate a billboard at the road or along the terrace? Litec is happy to help you!

Litec is also there for you with LED displays. By the way, did you know that LED lighting with 100,000 burning hours exists? The Litec men are happy to help you with advice, delivery and installation of the lamps with LED lighting. Litec cooperate with other companies. You can also contact them for sanitation, heating and alarm systems.

The power on Mustang Fever is also provided by them. Our showroom is also equipped with home automation and all types of LED lighting thanks to this company. You can contact Litec at [email protected] or 0032 (0) 477716414.