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NYBE in the spotlight!

We would like to put our partnership with NYBE in the spotlight!   NYBE is a company specialized in web platforms, software development and ecommerce. An experienced and impassioned team likes to go the extra mile to empower and unburden companies by turning your ideas into a digital reality.   NYBE has provided us the [...]

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4 unique handcrafted necklaces

We have some great news! As you guys already know, this weekend the Mustang Fever takes place at 'Schaapsweg in Heusden-Zolder'. Besides all the fun activities such as the giveaway, food trucks, live music, the large showroom and of course lots of Mustangs, we have something new and unique. We have joined forces with Ypsilon [...]

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Mustang Fever 2021 in miniature

This year, the 19th edition of Mustang Fever will take place! April 24 and 25 are dedicated to the extensive miniature collection of Adelbert, the man behind The Mustang Garage. With more than 9,000 Mustangs from all over history, he has one of the largest collections in the world ? ... Every car has its [...]

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Virtual Mustang Fever

Many people told us that they are disappointed that Mustang Fever cannot continue this year. Of course, we are also very sorry. That's why we revisited it and came up with another idea. The Mustang Fever will continue this year! But we changed the concept a little. Of course, we took the 1.5 meter distance [...]

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Thanks to all sponsors!

The Mustang Garage would like to thank all sponsors for the time and money they have invest into the Mustang Fever. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances we have to end the sponsorship for this year. However, next year we will go for it again. Below we put the companies in the spotlight, which we didn't [...]

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Dranken Bartels

We are very grateful to all our sponsors / partners. Mustang Fever cannot go on without them! Today we put Dranken Bartels in the spotlight. Dranken Bartels is part of the Prik & Tik chain. The retailer is located in Heusden-Zolder at Koolmijnlaan. The company offers an extensive range of drinks. From alcoholic drinks to [...]

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Icons of Elegance

We are very grateful to all our sponsors / partners. Mustang Fever cannot go on without them! Today we put Icons of Elegance in the spotlight. Icons of elegance is a magazine that takes you through several decades of automotive history. It is an inspiration magazine with all aspects of historical cars. You can find [...]

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Schouterden Autoradiatoren

We are very grateful to all our sponsors / partners. Mustang Fever cannot go on without them! Today we put Schouterden Autoradiatoren in the spotlight. Schouterden Autoradiatoren is an expert in repairs and the sale of car radiators. With over 35 years of experience, all work is done professionally. It doesn't matter if you have [...]

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