We are very grateful to all our sponsors / partners. Mustang Fever cannot go on without them! Today we put Dranken Bartels in the spotlight.

Dranken Bartels is part of the Prik & Tik chain. The retailer is located in Heusden-Zolder at Koolmijnlaan. The company offers an extensive range of drinks. From alcoholic drinks to soft drinks. Super convenient when you are throwing a party, after the corona crisis of course. The friendly employees are happy to help you. For example, with putting together a gift package based on your budget. You can also find related products here.

The liquor store is open and has a large parking lot. Keep a 1.5 meters distance from other people and prefer to come to the store alone. Dranken Bartels is also annually on Mustang Fever with delicious drinks. They have been supporting us in this for five years! Next year, they will also participate in our event.