The Mustang Garage would like to thank all sponsors for the time and money they have invest into the Mustang Fever. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances we have to end the sponsorship for this year. However, next year we will go for it again. Below we put the companies in the spotlight, which we didn’t highlighted yet

Ford Belgium and The Mustang Garage work closely together. Since 2003 Ford has relied on The Mustang Garage and the know-how for all kinds of actions related to Mustangs. For example, we helped set the world record for the largest Mustang parade on the Ford Lommel test track. Furthermore, The Mustang Garage drives with the excellent Ford Transit custom sport and 2T to pick up parts and deliver Mustangs at home. These can always be found at the various events. These versatile vans are also used by Autostoffering Carla.

The Mustang Garage has been selling the real American oil Havoline since 2012. This engine oil brand belongs to the oil company Texaco. The products fit perfectly with the legend of the Mustang. The Mustang Garage has launched the slogan “Mustang goes Texaco”, which can be found on our facade and vans.

DCI helps clients with carrying out inspections in your building(s). Smoke detectors are effectively tested by a certified drone pilot, while your company can continue with the production process. Of course DCI is also happy to help you make images in the air, for both business and private occasions. Take a look at for all information!

Sherwin Williams
Last year Willy & Myriam performed at the Mustang Fever. They enriched our event with pleasant music. You can also hire the duo for other events or parties. Willy is also importer of the Sherwin Williams paints. The cars at The Mustang Garage are also painted with this brand. View the website at

Klassiek & Techniek
The monthly magazine for the classic car enthusiast is Klassiek & Techniek. The magazine is full of useful information, upcoming events and current news. This month’s magazine includes the restoration of a Ford Comete and a Citroën 2CV project. Subscribe now for a year for only € 49.95! Take a look at

Drinks on Tour
For all private parties and corporate events you can rent the mobile bar (s) from Drinks on Tour! The company can be hired for both small parties of 20 people and large events with 5,000 visitors. This is possible including a host or a hostess. Complete your party or event with the food truck! Among other things, burgers of 100% beef and hot dogs can then be served. They were also present at the Mustang Fever last year. Be sure to check out