Many people told us that they are disappointed that Mustang Fever cannot continue this year. Of course, we are also very sorry. That’s why we revisited it and came up with another idea. The Mustang Fever will continue this year! But we changed the concept a little. Of course, we took the 1.5 meter distance into account. Maybe it’s even 150 km away… So we decided not to cancel the event completely. That’s why Mustang Fever is going online this year!

Post a photo of your Mustang here on the Facebook page on Saturday 18 and / or Sunday 19 April! Have you ever been to Mustang Fever? Then share your experiences here on Facebook. See cars from other Mustang fans and have a chat with them. Adelbert himself will also participate this year. Feel free to start a conversation with him!

So: participate in the online Mustang Fever by posting your best and nicest photos of your Mustang on April 18 and / or 19! Only on these two days you can post a picture or text on our Facebook wall. Next year we will be back with a real Mustang Fever.

The virtual Mustang Fever is made possible in collaboration with our IT partner NYBE. NYBE takes care of almost everything in our online world: the websites, social media and marketing. In addition, the company manages our computers, printers and the internet connection for optimal operation.